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Ben Tetteh Recounts His Journey As A Writer, Actor & Producer

Ben Tetteh is a Ghanaian film writer, actor, and producer of great movie piece like Canker, Omen, Traffics, The Naked Lady, and a host of others.

In 2019 and 2020, he featured in two YN Productions titled Fix Us and Stranger of which one made significant waves on Netflix (FIX US), both written and directed by the popular African Ace Film Maker and Preacher Pascal K. Amanfo.


As young as 10 years old, he started his writing and acting career but became more ambitious from the year 2013 and started producing his own contents. In 2015, he established his own production house named Megas Movie Production. According to him, he’s been inspired by few great Film Makers and Actors like the Tyler Perry, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude, Daniel Arenas, Pascal Amanfo, and Majid Michel.

As a young rising filmmaker, he’s yet to be nominated for prestigious awards in the movie industry. According to the young actor, a lot of work goes into creating what one finally sees on your screen. The backstage of the movie industry is dominated by strong and talented people especially in production and directing.
How is the black young man breaking the glass ceiling to be his own boss then? Let’s look at these lessons and inspiration recorded during an interview with him on the Popular Ghanaian tv show, The Dizle Show.

On Starting Out:
“I love creating content and social media is super accessible. I started being on screen in my first year of tertiary in Cape Coast and I kept growing that audience, fans, and well-wishers”.

On Being Consistent:
“I had two series before my academic work became very clamps and very busy. Notions and Influence Tv Series. Those series did not gain instant fame but I am consistent in creating and releasing more movies aimed at promoting my brand and craft constantly”


On Working Hard
“People constantly make excuses on why they can’t follow their dreams. Stop finding the ways that you can’t and start finding the ways that you can. Think about what you have now, friends, a camera, a room, whatever you have. Figure out a way to use what you have to make it work.”

On Teamwork
“I tend to have strong opinions about the people I work with because I feel I know them personally. Also, I try to loosen the rein and allow debates to go on. I love collaborating because there are people with a lot of great ideas I love hearing out. Resisting the urge to outrightly say no has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned”


Everything takes time
Ben Tetteh affirmed that some of his early productions were crap, but as years went by and he gathered a team, it got better. Just like a tree grows, slowly building stronger and deeper foundation which in the end will be able to stand the test of to such is the journey of a business that grows organically.


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